Should you go to grad school or go to work? Trust your gut!

Especially in today’s economy, this question is asked constantly. Should students go back to school? How much will it cost? What is the opportunity cost? How much would I make if I worked? When deciding whether to apply to grad schools, people ask a multitude of questions, including these. Many are concerned whether going to graduate school is a good economic decision. Although this is important to consider, I would suggest that you trust your gut!

If you are unsure about how graduate school fits in your future plans, then maybe you should wait to work and then figure out what your passion is. If you know that you do want to go to grad school, then do it because the funding piece will fall into place. I recommend that you do what makes you happy.

After going to graduate school, then entering the workplace, I knew I wanted to go back. Sure, there is an opportunity cost as I am foregoing potential income; however, I LOVE what I do and what I will be doing for the rest of my life!

TRUST YOUR GUT and go forth! GOOD LUCK! … and welcome back to school!