Grad Life Advice:Late Night Study Grind!

The late night study grind is indeed no stranger to graduate students. Most nights will be filled with tons of reading material and note taking that you need read for the next days classes. Although reading ahead of time is strongly suggested, often times you won’t have time to do so, so you must submit to the late night study grind. So here are a few tips to get you through the night!

Late studying

Courtesy of Katrina Overby

1) Plug in to some music that will keep you motivated, not sleepy! Listening to the energized Lil Wayne might get you more “hyped up” and awake than listening to the soft sounds of Sade!

2) Find a great study snack and beverage! I often times like to grab a Powerade, tea, or coffee and something sweet like Vanilla Wafers or Oreo Cookies! 🙂

3) Keep a brightly colored highlighter around and mark your readings every few paragraphs, in case you get up (or fall asleep while studying), you can remember where you were in your reading.

4) Find a quiet place on or off campus. Some of my favorite late night study areas include the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center, the School of Education lounge, or the graduate student lounge in the Wells library.

These tips should guarantee success, or at least for me they have. I encourage you to find your own routine and stick with it! Happy Grinding 🙂