My Favorite Thing About Bloomington

This is a bit of an odd topic for me to blog about because I was born and raised in Bloomington, IN so there are innumerable things that I love about it.  Where do I start?

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The Student Building at IU. Photo by Ren-Jay S.

The community is great – you won’t find better people anywhere in the world.  Yes, we have our issues just like any other place, but day-to-day, as I interact with people of all walks of life, I really appreciate how great this community really is.  What else?  Well, the food is amazing for starters (best place to eat of course, is at home when my mom cooks!), and between IU and the rest of the Bloomington community, the arts and entertainment offerings are truly world-class.

Add in the fact that it is absolutely beautiful (especially in the Fall), just big enough to be fun, but just small enough to for a close-knit community, and now you’re talking about a place that I’m proud to call home.  I’ve never lived anywhere but here, so this is all I know.  But having traveled across the country West-to-East and South-to-North (along with a few other trips out west and north into Canada) on bike and having the opportunity to meet great people, visit small towns and bustling metropolises, national parks and monuments, and truly be in the open range, I only appreciate coming home to Bloomington more each time I leave.  So what is my favorite thing about Bloomington?  My favorite thing about Bloomington is that it is home.  What more could a guy ask for?