Why IU?


Image courtesy of ampathkenya.org

AMPATH is one of the main reasons that I chose a doctoral program in Epidemiology at IU.  AMPATH, the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare, was established in 2001 as a partnership between Indiana University School of Medicine, Moi University School of Medicine, and the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH).

AMPATH was created in response to the challenge of providing life-saving care in the face of the HIV pandemic. AMPATH now treats over 160,000 HIV-positive persons, with almost 2,000 new patients being enrolled each month at over 500 clinical sites throughout western Kenya.  It is headquartered in Eldoret, Kenya and now includes more than 15 North American partners.

At IU, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the AMPATH program to develop my dissertation research, focusing on family planning decision-making amongst HIV-infected women.  Its findings, I hope, will inform care in its clinics.

AMPATH is one of the most successful partnerships of its kind…and it was born at IU.  More information on AMPATH is at:  www.ampath.org.