Take a break for sports: Learning about IU bball

The 2012-2013 IU men’s basketball team huddle before a game. Yes, they are wearing striped pants. And yes, they are the coolest pants in college bball. It’s a tradition. Photo courtesy of Mike Dickbend.

I can’t believe that I am 10 weeks into the semester already!  Time flies by very quickly when I am jumping from one place to another at IU: work, class, homework and social activities.  As a third-semester grad student, I am always surprised by how I am still struggling with my work-life balance.  I can be a machine and keep working for hours.  Yet, sometimes, I need to learn when to take a break.  Fortunately, fall is a great time for breaks (and distractions).  Fall is a time forSPORTS!  Ok, I am a sports nut job.  No, I don’t know stats and no, I do not memorize rosters of all the MLB teams. But I do love watching sports (I am watching the World Series MLB game as I write this!).  College football is my sport of choice to watch.  I did my undergrad at the University of Notre Dame, and I became obsessed with cheering on the Irish football team.  But when I started grad school at IU, I started to learn about the storied history of IU basketball.  Hoosiers have an absolute obsession about IU basketball.  They breathe, eat, and live it.  I first didn’t get it, but slowly I started to change my ways when I attended Hoosier Hysteria, which is the first public practice session of the IU women’s and men’s basketball team.  This first scrimmage is to see the new line-up of both basketball teams, but also features one of my favorite elements: the slam dunk contest (my 5 ft. 2 inch frame lives vicariously through these 6 ft plus IU basketball players).  I can not attempt to convey all of the tradition, history, and spirit in one blog post.  So I leave you with YouTube videos to get you excited for the upcoming basketball season!

2013 Hoosier Hysteria Highlights

This is Indiana Theme Song: The unofficial theme song created by two Indiana Students.  It’s starting to grow on me.  : )