There are many things that I miss from home.  I know that one thing that I always had fun doing which relieved my many stresses from my undergraduate life was bowling – at least once a month.  I learned of bowling from my father because he was in a league that bowled once a week, and I took it up too.  I bowled so much that I got my own bowling ball and bowling shoes (and I’d suggest getting bowling shoes no matter how much you bowl because you’ll probably bowl enough in a year to equal the rental for the shoes).

In Bloomington, there are three places where you can go.  Classic Bowling Lanes and Suburban Lanes are on (nearly) opposite sides of IU and they both offer specials during the summer and throughout the week.  Whether late night cosmic bowling or middle-of-the-day chellaxing is what you prefer, I’m pretty sure either will have some kind of deal to save you money.  The Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) on campus also has a bowling alley called The Back Alley.  Many student organizations host their events at a reduced priced here.  Additionally, the IDS, the campus newspaper, advertises many specials at The Back Alley in addition to any refreshments or other entertainment while you are at the IMU.