Computer Games

It was like a scene out of The Matrix…if Neo was close to running late to class and needing to find a printer.  It was my turn to lead the class discussion and the rule of thumb was to print discussion questions so our classmates could take notes. I could have used the overhead projector to display my discussion questions citing that I wanted to save trees, but the chances of that explanation flying were slim.  I only knew of three buildings on campus where I could print, but they were literally too far from where my class was.  I needed to be resourceful, I looked to my phone and saw the Indiana University phone app.  On the app was an option to look up computer labs and printers, via a map that displayed the closest locations.  Luckily there was a computer lab and printer in the building next to my class!  I was able to print and give the best presentation of all time and it was all thanks to this wonderful mobile phone app.

Any Key

Thankfully, Indiana University has phenomenal technology resources that do so much more than locate printers.  IUCat is the university’s online resource center when you need to get resources, but not quite ready to venture to the library.  IUCat was useful for me when I commuted to Bloomington because if I needed a book for class, but couldn’t travel to Bloomington, I would go to the IUPUI library and do research there if IUCat alerted me that they had a copy of the book I needed.  The online resources provided by Indiana University allows students to feel supported and support their colleagues who want to get acclimated with the resources we have available.  Often when I am talking about research methods with my friends, our conversations often lead to the resources made available by Indiana University.