Feeling Whole

If I had one weakness besides ice cream sandwiches, smiling babies with chubby cheeks, and gliding across as freshly mopped floor in my socks it would be a lack of community. Sans the cliche I do believe “people make the world go round”, especially at Indiana University. As I have become older it has been less about isolating myself via an clique and more about meeting diverse sets of people, hearing their stories, and sharing commonalities.  This is important to me because it allows me to feel at ease and redefine the term community, so that it becomes boundless on campus and around the city.

This semester I’ve taken a particular liking to bowling at the IMU or at Classic Lanes mainly because both bowling alleys have the proper combination of Indiana University students and Bloomington citizens.  It is always relaxing to go to either place and shed the stress of a long school or workday with friends or even random people just there to bowl like myself.  I recently told my aunt (who is an avid bowler) about my recent passion for bowling and we talked about how she loves bowling for the same reasons.  Through bowling she’s traveled for tournaments and met really great people who would become teammates and friendly rivals.