The stretch of time between Thanksgiving break and the end of the semester is always rough for me. Thanksgiving break is a glorious week of being at home, spending time with my family, relaxed work hours, and eating, of course. Then, it’s back to Bloomington for three more weeks of real work before another break. How do you keep your head in work mode when all the signs say it’s time to relax?

For me, the time after Thanksgiving means I am well within my rights to play Christmas carols and decorate my apartment. I hang lights, stockings for my dog and me, and drink a lot of hot chocolate. I also take advantage of the cold weather and light my fireplace. It helps to come home to a warm and cozy apartment after a long day of working. Watching holiday-themed movies like Love Actually also help create a festive mood. Another thing that helps is listening to Pandora holiday stations while I’m working. Since I spend most of my days working on my computer anyway, jamming out to holiday music helps break up the monotony. Sometimes I get so into it that it’s hard to keep from singing out loud–but I don’t want to disturb my labmates!

What are some of your end-of-the-semester tricks? Whatever they may be, remember, we’re in the home stretch. It’s the fi-nal count-down!