Keeping Track with my Mac (and iPhone)

A screenshot of my calendar.  Notice all the red, which forces me not to over commit!

A screenshot of my calendar. Notice all the red, which forces me not to over commit!  Photo courtesy of Stephanie N

I just recently retired my 6 year-old Apple Macbook (RIP buddy) and traded it in for a new Macbook Air. Since the beginning of tech time, there has been an eternal tech war about Macs vs. PCs. I had that battle myself for a long time, but I finally succumbed to a Mac. I am not paid to do an advertisement for Apple, but my Mac proved to be very useful during grad school. I am not talking about innovative break throughs, but simple things have made my grad life a bit easier to navigate.  One small thing that I find super helpful in keeping me organized is the Calendar feature on my Mac and iPhone.  Now that there is the new iCloud feature through Apple, my phone and my Mac calendars sync up so I can add and keep track of deadlines and events on both platforms.  I used to be an old fashioned pen-and-paper agenda book kinda girl in undergrad, but staying organized is super important in grad school especially since I really need to keep a tabs on both my school and work schedule.  Simple features such as alarms and reminders on my calendars have helped me remember important project deadlines.  Also having my calendar at hand with my phone has kept me from being over committing.  Before I commit to another activity or responsibility, my calendar actually lets me know if my schedule is full by highlighting things in red!  I am by no means a tech-savvy person, but simple technological advances can make a tremendous impact on a grad student’s life.

PS.  For Mac users, Bloomington does not have an Apple store.  However, if you need IT support, we have an authorized dealer and support center called Mac Experience.  They can be reached at