Technology Options – My 1st hand Account

As a graduate student at IU you have access to a wide variety of technology options to assist in making your experience as a student a more efficient one. IU does a fantastic job of making access to expensive software and printing options as cheap (if not free) and accessible as possible.  For that I am VERY grateful.


Free Software.  There are two options for accessing free software at IU: 1) software to download to your personal computer/device (“IUware”); 2) software to access remotely and stream for single-use or short-term basis (“IUanywhere”).  Both options are extremely helpful as a student. I have used both and have saved over a thousand dollars…easy. First, I have downloaded an Adobe Suite of programs to my PC.  This is huge!  Next, I have used IUanywhere to stream SPSS–a statistical program that is absolutely essential as a doctoral student.  Without question, the inventory of free software programs available to graduate students is the most important heads-up I can share.  Take advantage of it. You really won’t need to purchase a program while you are here.  Over a thousand dollars saved…easy.

Printing. As a graduate student at IU the mandatory “technology fees” account for 1000 pages of printing.  This means that whether you like it or not you have 1000 pages of printing to your name.  Again, this is a very helpful feature to be aware of and take advantage of.  USE IT!

Email. As a student you will obviously have your IU account.  I would suggest incorporating your IU email account into your MS Outlook or iMail account….it makes everything so easy and simple.

For Help. You can access the University’s Technology Services division UITS which is designed to answer specific questions.  This is a very helpful service to get anything technology-related resolved or answered.