Diet and Exercise in Grad School

Let’s face it, diet and exercise go out the window during grad on any day that ends with, well, -day, at least that’s what I use as a lame excuse. For someone who treated exercise as an allergic reaction to avoid, it was very hard to just start doing it.  I may sound like a cliche, but the first step is really the hardest.  Over the summer when I had less scheduled activities, I made a point to exercise at the end of days I knew I was not planning to do any work anyways.


Running, very slowly I might add, from 1 mile for 15 minutes and adding a quarter of a mile each time I ran to a 4.5-mile run for 45 minutes near the end of summer made my dieting so much easier.  I made sure to eat one meal really healthy per week and 3 ‘cheat’ days then slowly moving to 3 really healthy days with 1 ‘cheat’ meal a week over the course of the summer improved not only my attitude but also my energy and my waistline.  Unfortunately, I gained a 1/3 of the weight I lost over the course of the past semester, but I am hopeful to lay some middle path between my summer and fall semester habit and achieve a more regular healthy lifestyle.  Wish me luck as I start this New Year with that in mind.  Just think moderation, and you can get anything done, including diet and exercise!