Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card: The Movie

I have never been a fan a libraries…don’t get me wrong, I believe they should exist like traffic lights and a big burly bouncer when a brawl is about to go down, but Landon personally would never step foot in a library if I did not have to.  Thankfully the Indiana University gods bestowed IUCat upon us.  I am almost certain that I have mention IUCat before, books are available to be read online through our university’s online library.  In the event that they are not, you can request the book you’re looking for to be delivered to your own personal carrel.  Carrels are graffiti laced desk within the library that you can reserve during the duration of your academic career at Indiana University.  Whenever you need a book you can have it delivered to your carrel via IUCat or you can have the book delivered to any of the libraries on campus to pick up and use in the safety of your own home, coffee shop, or particular zen study space.

Personal bias aside, the library staff is always available to help you in person or online.  This is what makes visiting the library bearable, you are always guaranteed to receive proper assistance and leave feeling a little more confident about your research (unless you’re researching Cosbynomics).