My Library FAVES!

I have two favorite places located at the Indiana University Herman B. Wells main library. Both of my favorites are located in the basement in the East Tower of the library. The first of my favorites is the Black Film Center/Archive (BFC/A). I discovered this hidden treasure during the fall of 2012 and I began working as a part time graduate assistant in the summer of 2013. As a graduate assistant, I’ve helped maintain the poster and pressbook collection, and I’ve also written blogs for the centers webpage. The BFC/A, established in 1981, houses an extensive several special collections of posters, films, books, documentaries, films, interviews and is the dedicated to preserving the history and culture of films made for and by African Americans. The BFC/A has invited some of the most influential and talented filmmakers to the campus of Indiana University. This is one place you have to visit if you are attending, or just passing through, Indiana University.

My second favorite location is what I call my “secret study area” and it is located in the back of the Media and Reserve Services. There are two tables in the very back permanently reserved with a sign on each table for students who want to play games that they check out from the Media and Reserve Services. Fortunately for me, no one is ever using the two tables to play games, which makes this spot the perfect place for a nice quiet study alone or with a group of two or three.  Best of all, you can bring snack! Don’t worry if those two tables aren’t free, there are a few cubicles also located in the Media and Reserve Services for individual quiet study.

For more information about my two favorite locations, follow the links below:

Black Film Center/Archive:

Media and Reserve Services: