Tips for Bundling Up

Bundling up means layering! Photo courtesy of

January is not only the start of a new semester, but it also the start of the winter season. Bloomington isn’t famous for huge amounts of snow, but we do get at least 1-2 inches once in a while. Bloomington does experience low temperatures (around 20-30 degrees) as well as ice and wind. So bundling up is still necessary.  Here are a few tips I learned while living in the Midwest to make my walk around the Bloomington campus more enjoyable:

1) Wear layers: This includes wearing a base layer under your shirts.  I usually wear a regular tank top under my shirt.  Others wear a thermal layer underneath their regular shirts.

2) Get a good down (or poly fill) jacket: Down jackets can get on the more expensive side.  But a good quality down jacket will keep you so much warmer than a lesser quality one.  I have a longer down jacket that goes down to my knees so it can block the wind.  My suggestion is to have a hood just in case it gets extra cold, so you can cover your head.  In brief, invest in a good jacket!

3) Get a good pair of snow boots: This another category in which a good investment can help make your walk around campus drier and warmer.  A good pair of boots should have a rubber sole to prevent your boots and socks from getting soaked!  The rubber sole also prevents you from slipping on ice.  Sorry ladies, UGG boots are NOT good winter boot!  Currently, I use these, and they keep my feet toasty even during those nasty wet and snowy days.  Also invest in wool socks since they wick moisture and dry quicker than regular cotton sockets.

4) Wear a hat that covers the ears: There is a saying that humans lose a lot of heat from our head and ears.  So, finding a good hat (or earmuffs if you don’t like wearing hats) are important.  I usually like wearing hats made out of fleece because it is an insulating fabric.

Hope these tips help!  Stay warm!