Sochi Olympics = Great Procrastinator

The start of the 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, has, and will, force me to better manage my time for the next couple of weeks.  It is such a great time to invite people over to my apartment; I usually describe myself as someone more reserved with social outings, but it’s nice to cheer on teams and people in sports that we have never, or rarely, play with others.  You can look on the 2014 Olympics as a political, sports, and social event – basically something for everyone.


For those in the graduate and professional programs, it is great to have something to talk about that is not specifically related to your department.  Most of us are siloed in our respective schools/majors, and whenever a big event occurs, it is great to relax with some non-academic fun.

Whenever there is some big event that I have to see or make time for, I have to make sure to use it to break apart my day in the library.  If it is at a set time, I use it as ‘waypoint’ to rest by studying a couple hours before and using that event as a reward for myself.  Hopefully, the next two weeks will train me more on prioritization and organization, both relaxing me and improving my balance between work and social life.