When Things Don’t Go As Expected

You’re in a deep panic, you just turned in a proposal or a portion of your thesis and the response from your advisor was a simple head shake and a paper full of red markings. You feel like crap, your legs are walking but your movements lack motivation. You think to yourself “Maybe I have enough money in my bank account to buy a one way ticket to some place where Sallie Mae can’t find me if I decided to begin my life a new as a monkey trainer.” You get in your car and begin to drive home, contemplating driving hours back to your hometown to begin your career as the guy who lives in his mom’s basement. You stop at a red light, you notice a man walking crossing a buy street with two McDonald’s bags in his hand and in his other he has managed to use all of his fingers to carry four Happy Meal boxes. Life can be hard, struggle is relative, but always remember you’re pursuing your dream and you haven’t touched the ground in a very long time.