So you need a fixer?

In ABC’s Scandal, the occupation of the main character–who is based on an individual and her experiences real-life in Washington DC–is that of a fixer.  As a fixer, her role is to “fix” bad situations for politicians, private citizens, and sometimes for those within her own team.  Unfortunately, at IU we do not have any fixers. Sad, I know.


However, IU does provide a website (“IU Protect“) to assist in the assurance of public safety and technological protection for its students and staff. But you want the good stuff, right? For all intents and purposes, each department has an unofficial fixer.  Sometimes these take the form of department secretary, a faculty member, a very advanced doctoral student, or some other person with knowledge of the inner workings of the department but to whom you can turn for help and advice should you ever need it. The most important thing is to identify who this person is and gain their trust.