Watching the Sunset and the Sunrise

I can truthfully say I have NEVER pulled an ALLNIGHTER in all my undergraduate and graduate career. Want know how?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in grad school with too many obligations (reading, writing, teaching, research, and not to mention your non-academic life commitments). For some being overwhelmed puts them into overdrive and they can work fast and uninterrupted, but for others that anxious feeling can send them straight to the ” procrastinate zone”.

Don’t get stuck in the “procrasinate zone”:

  1. Avoid reading- catch up Netflix queue
  2. Avoid writing- clean apartment and organize closet
  3. Avoid analyzing data- answer emails and take quizzes on buzzfeed
  4. Avoid your advisor- take naps

Instead I like to plan ahead and get started early. I’m a little obsessive and may or may not be a Type A gal.

  1. PLANNERS! (electronic or pen-and-paper to get organized with deadlines and important tasks)
  2. SET A SOFT DEADLINE! (set an earlier deadline in order to give yourself some wiggle room to complete a paper or an assignment)
  3. GOAL SETTING! (make daily goals for a weekly assignment or weekly goals for a long term project that way you can make constant progress– writing 250 words per day is easier than 4000+ in one sitting)
  4. BE FLEXIBLE! (we all love making plans and being organized but stuff happens and we have to be prepared for unexpected events) **plus if you start working ahead of time hopefully you will have made enough progress that an obstacle won’t completely deter you.

Good Luck!