Words on a Page

Photo from http://blog.rtwilson.com

Photo from http://blog.rtwilson.com

After coursework…life changes. I wish someone would have told me how isolating research and writing can actually be.

The resources IU offers to its graduate students are immense and campus wide, but there are some that are specific and valuable to the success of a graduate student. Whether the graduate program you plan to enter is an MA, MFA, or PhD, you will probably have to write a thesis, capstone project, or dissertation in order to complete the graduate requirements.

Writing a dissertation can seem daunting and overwhelming, especially in the beginning stages. That is where Writing Tutorial Services comes in. They offer a writing group program where students participate learn writing and goal-setting strategies. Students also have uninterrupted writing time where they can employ these new strategies. During these groups you can expect to:

  • Celebrate writing milestones with fellow graduate students
  • Commiserate in misery with fellow graduate students
  • Hold yourself accountable to writing goals
  • Learn new techniques and share resources

Groups meet once per week for 3 hours in the library. The groups are led by advanced graduate students that are interested in not only finishing their projects, but also working with other graduate students to succeed in their writing goals:

  • Complete a chapter
  • Revise drafts of chapters
  • Write dissertation proposals

Please note this is a shameless plug for a great resource that we have here at Indiana University. I only wish the program was larger and could accommodate more all dissertating students.