Connecting beyond your department

Once graduate school begins, you may find yourself constantly running into colleagues from your department. While your department is a fundamental component in your professional development, it is other members of the IU and Bloomington community that provide other unique perspectives. While graduate school is incredibly busy, it is important to find social opportunities outside of your department. From graduate student organizations, to volunteering in the community there are always groups and organizations where you can interact with awesome people from different walks of life.

There is also the Jacobs School of Music here at IU, so frequently there are amazing orchestras and other musical performances. During my first semester of my first year, I attended the musical “Cat on A Hot Tin Roof” at the IU Auditorium. The play was actually someone’s Masters project which I thought was amazing. The link below provides information on performances at the IU auditorium.

There are also many opportunities to learn or develop new skills. Recently I began “learning” how to salsa dance. I have met everyone from undergrads to grandmothers in my class. This not only provides me with a chance to develop a skill, but it also allows me to interact with 50 plus people that I never met prior to the class. And we are all learning together which makes it really fun! So even when I step on someone’s toes, I am connecting with people from other walks of life.

I have included below the link for the Salsa classes which are $35 a semester for students. Hope to see you in the next class!