Tips for Letters of Recommendation

There is a song in Spanish that says, reloj no marces las horas… clock, don’t mark the hours. This may be one of your thoughts as you sit on your couch on a Friday night to work on applications, only to realize that five hours have passed, and you have barely scratched the surface of your application.

Thankfully there is a section that you don’t have to worry to much about…you’re letters of recommendation…WRONG!! 

Letters are extremely important because it is the one section of your application that is outside of your control. However you can still provide professors with information that will help them create the letters.

In order to ensure that each professor writes an amazing letter, create a packet of information for them. This packet should include: table of contents, a copy of your statements, quick facts about yourself, a copy of your resume or CV, and a copy of your transcripts. I recommend you to give them a hard copy of the packet and also email them a pdf version.

Yes, the reloj esta marcando las horas…the clock is marking the hours, but you still have enough time to prepare packets of information that will help professors submit amazing letters.

Good luck!