And I’m in Graduate School Because…?

You may be wondering why I chose the title above for this particular blog when those who are reading are not even in graduate school yet. I’m glad you asked! As I have mentioned before, preparing for a graduate program and entering the program are not cakewalks. So, you may be having second thoughts about pursuing it or maybe you’re stuck between two choices: graduate school or entering the workforce. If so, I found this really neat article that may help you decide. Check it out!

Back to the title of this blog. I revisit the question of “why am I here” at least a couple times a month. Why? Because it’s simply necessary…for lots of reasons. One, to rejuvenate and motivate myself to keep pushing. This graduate student life is one that you have to be fully committed to and invested in in order to be successful in it. So, constantly reminding myself that I am a lifelong learner who has ideas to contribute to the field I am interested in (higher education student affairs) is what keeps me going.

Secondly, asking myself this question often comes as a result of me feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. I was visiting family and friends back home in Mississippi this past weekend, and while having lunch with my sorority sisters, they asked me why I do what I do, in terms of spending four or five years in a doctoral program. On my way back to Bloomington, I gave that question some deep thought. Really, why am I here? The first thoughts that came to mind were these: I’m here because I can be. I’m here because I want to be. I’m here because I should be. I’m here because people (faculty, staff, friends, mentors, family) believed that I could be successful at this institution. I’m here because I have something to give and something to get. That simple. I have things to do academically and personally, and experiencing my doctoral program is going to help me complete the tasks that I have been led to accomplish. I can do it! I will do it!

You have to tell yourself the same thing. If you have any reservation about your choice of attending graduate school, fear no more. Just constantly remind yourself of your passion and never stop believing that you can…and you will. 🙂