Don’t be Afraid to Contact Faculty

I don’t know about you, but I was really intimidated to contact the professors I was interested in conducting research with. I thought to myself. “Who am I to be emailing these individuals? They have PhDs and I am barely graduating with a BA!” Despite my doubts, I still emailed them.

In some case, some professors did not respond, while others did. In one specific case, the professor not only responded but was also willing to meet with me! This experience was amazing. We discussed our research interests and also spoke about our desire to be scholar activists.

Meeting with this professor taught me the importance of reaching out. These individuals are the ones who will be mentoring you for the next couple years and it is essential for you to not only know about their research, but also meet with them in order to understand their mentoring style.

Additionally, if you leave a good impression, I am positive they will remember you while reviewing applications.

So throw your fear out the window and type up those emails! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.