Innovation at IU: Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI)

As a student at IU, I have been given access to one of the finest IT environments in the whole nation. UITS (University Information Technology Services) services and support have been awesome from day one, since I first got my umail account. One of the primary functions of UITS is to provide IT support to all IU students, faculty, and staff. For more information, please visit its website. But in this blog post, my focus is to introduce a unique jewel IU is extremely proud to own, and that is the Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI).

PTI is a hub for innovation and IT services aimed at improving the lives in Indiana and the rest of the world through research and innovation. PTI is a collaboration of the School of Informatics and Computing, Maurer School of Law, College of Arts and Sciences, UITS, and Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT, where PTI reports within IU’s administrative structure). (source:

PTI’s research centers and service and cyberinfrastructure centers are focused on developing cutting edge technology and services. These centers are also involved in educational and outreach activities.

Digital Science Center”  is one example, where research is being done on grid and cloud based technology under an NSF (National Science Foundation) funded FutureGrid project. Goal of this research is to create next generation supercomputing network (source:

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Recent limelight of PTI has been “Jetstream”, according to this article: “PTI at IU has received grant to create NSF’s first science and engineering research cloud, Jetstream. IU is expected to receive a total of about $11 million from NSF over the next five years to create, implement and operate Jetstream, making it the largest grant IU has ever received to deliver computational and data storage services to the national research community.”

Please visit the UITS and PTI webpages to specifically see how your research and educational needs can be met and facilitated.