Loving from Afar (Xicanita on the Move)

I never imagined I would end up being in a long distance relationship. I always thought that people who were in long-distance were a bit crazy. How can you build a relationship when you are physically apart?

This is the question I have been exploring for a year and a half. When I met Miguel four years ago, we both agreed that our relationship would never limit us. He wanted to be a hot-shot business man and I wanted to travel the world. At times, it has felt as if our lives were heading towards different paths.

Once I knew I wanted to go to IU, I didn’t have the guts to admit this to my family or Miguel. It was a terrible secret that I didn’t know how to disclose. How could I tell him that I needed to take this opportunity? That once again, I wanted to leave California and explore other lands. (Before going to graduate schools, our relationship had already gone through two study abroad trips).

It was Miguel who gave me the courage to say, “Yes, this is what I want.”

After three semesters at IU, I would have never imagined how much our relationship would have grown because of this experience. We are now professionals at communicating. Our cell phones have become our best friends, as we constantly remind each other throughout the day how much we care for one another.

Despite the loneliness, tears, and frustration, I am proud to say that Miguel and I have continued to move forward and are stronger than ever. We are now beginning to plan our wedding, and are excited to initiate our lives once I graduate with my masters.

I could keep going on, and on…but to get to the point. Is it possible to love from afar? YES! Is it difficult? You bet! Does it involve a HUGE amount of trust? Hu-huh! Do I regret it? No way!