Preparing Future Faculty Conference

Graduate studies at IU bring opportunities not only for academic training, but also for professional development and developing leadership skills. Obtaining good grades and doing great research indeed are cornerstones for one’s successful career. But adding leadership qualities to one’s toolkit would even exceed the success attained by grades and research. Why? Because leadership qualities let you make a difference in lives of many, not just yours. In current academic job market, when ever increasing number of graduates are competing for fewer jobs, hiring committees will eye on those who bring additional skills to the department on top of research.

One of the leadership/extracurricular activity I have been part of in recent months is the upcoming “Preparing Future Faculty Conference (PFFc)”. It is a one-day conference (scheduled this year on January 30th) aimed at providing information about academic careers to graduate students from all disciplines and at all phases of their graduate career. As a part of the conference committee, I get the opportunity to interact with students from different department, and potential speakers for the meeting. Besides networking, it is the experience of helping in organizing such events, which is important.

Even if one is not involved in the organization of the event, a graduate student at IU has the opportunity to attend this conference for free. The University Graduate School and various participating departments provide funding for the conference. Another reason to thank “The University Graduate School”.

I emphasize again, attending graduate school at IU brings many such perks, which can help you succeed in your long-term career.