Salsa Life

In order to “survive and thrive” on campus, we need to surround ourselves by a community of individuals who will support us throughout our journey. However there are times when I don’t want to talk about grad school…I just want to DANCE!

Yup, and with that burning desire to look like the women on
“Dancing with the Stars,” I joined Ritmos Latinos, the Cuban Salsa Club on campus.

The great thing about this club is that it is a mixture of individuals from different walks of life. I have danced with undergraduates, graduates, and community members.

Like many of you, I had lots of excused for not wanting to join. “I’m broke!” (The club costs $35/semester). “I don’t have the time!” But after being in grad school for two years, you come to realize that you NEED something to make you feel like a regular human being…not just a robot that reads and produces papers. No, we are human beings with rhythm and soul!

So what are you waiting for? The dance floor is waiting!

Salsa dancing