Coffee: The Great Equalizer

If you don’t drink coffee, turn back. If you don’t like coffee, learn to like it. If you truly hate coffee, drink tea. Coffee will be your best friend in graduate school. It’s there in the darkest of nights and in the greyest of mornings, and soon the Folgers theme song will coddle in you with its loving embrace. You will go to co-ops, coffee shops, and local artisans to find the best and most premium roasts because coffee will become your mistress, and she is cruel, demanding perfection.

Exaggeration much? Yes, but coffee has become my friend. I thought it was a cliché to go to a Starbucks and write, but the more I did it, the more I realized that I was damn productive in a coffee shop. Sitting around other people rather than moping in the dungeon of my home, became the highlight of my days, and I would get excited over my morning cup. It just felt right.

If you are reading this and thinking, what does this have to do with graduate school, it really is just trying to say that you need to get out of the house. Having a study friend at a coffee shop can make all the difference.

You save each other from embarrassing brain farts. Times when you believe “lended” is a word and curse spellcheck for telling you otherwise. Times when you can’t remember any conjunctions for an e-mail correctly, have trouble remembering the date, or start laughing at the sky because it’s there. Exaggerations? No, not really.

Graduate school has a way of making your brain numb, but there is a solution: coffee and friendship. Oh, I guess you should exercise too or take vitamins, but coffee does it faster. In the words of two of my favorite memes: “Let’s get some coffee so we can be hyper-aware of how little we’re going to get done today,” and “Drink coffee: do stupid things faster with more energy.”

I may have given up alcohol during my time at graduate school, but I gave into coffee, and I am definitely addicted to that dark roast brew.