Making Graduate School Your Home

During my time at graduate school, one of my favorite things has been making Bloomington, IN my home. I love my family very much, and when I visit them, I feel as though I am at home, but it is only in my one-bedroom apartment, that I know I am home. I live alone, and I love living alone, but it is not just because I am an introvert, which I am—even though no one believes me—it is because I feel most like myself when I’m in Bloomington.

I have fostered habits, which have cultivated into a lifestyle, which I tend to lose when I leave Bloomington. This is my own vice, but I like who I have become in graduate school. I have met great friends, I have become a member of loving fellowships, and I have worked with intriguing professionals. When I walk into a coffee shop, the people know who I am; they even notice when I get a haircut. The long and short of it is, people care.

I’ve never felt so at home with myself anywhere else. It’s not because Bloomington is a great campus (which it is) or even that the people are inherently friendly (which they are), it’s that graduate school taught me to be okay with myself. I learned to like myself, and that has made all of the difference.

When I leave, I will have to bring the qualities I care about with me, but one thing is for sure, I will always have a special place for Indiana University in my heart. I will miss the friends I have made, but I will take them with me wherever I go, and I will never lose touch with them or myself. Graduate school has made me the man I am today, and while home is where the heart is, I have learned to carry that heart a little better.