The Power of Words

This past week, I took a break from reading for class (procrastination is a must) and decided to read MARCH, a graphic novel by Congressman John Lewis and his co-creators Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. It’s a graphic novel like any other, it has a superhero and villains, but this one is based on real life characters.

On Monday September 21, 2015, Congressman Lewis, Aydin, and Powell came to the IU Auditorium to talk about MARCH.There is ALWAYS something going on in Bloomington! Not only was it great to hear them deliver an incredibly powerful message, it was fun to get to talk to them and have them sign my copies of the novel.

As a history nerd, I enjoyed hearing Congressman Lewis’ talk about his experience during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. In addition to that, he and his co-creators had a powerful and inspirational message to share that resonated with me, this generation is capable of doing as much as the generation of the 1960s did. Lewis had a challenge for us all, stand up, speak up, speak out, and find a way to get in the way…” “…get into good trouble!”

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