Taking Advantage of IUware

IU offers a vast amount of wonderful services to its student and IUware is one of them!

IUware is a software distribution service that offers a wide variety of software packages at no charge, including site-licensed products from Adobe, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, and others. The university pays for the relevant licenses through agreements with vendors; this allows students, faculty, and staff to use the programs available through IUware, most free of charge.

I’ve turned to IUware to download software for both my academic and leisurely pursuits. I’ve always loved photography and a few months ago decided to download Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom. I’d never purchased the programs because I couldn’t justify paying such a high price for something I’d only use occasionally but as an IU student I was able to download both completely FREE of charge! It doesn’t get better than that! It’s been a good stress break during the semester.

IUware is constantly updated and new programs are added. Just last week, I downloaded Office 2016 for Mac and love the update. Microsoft has always been slow to release updates for Mac and having it available a few months after it’s official release is great.

IUware is a huge money saver and has something for everyone.

Check it out: https://iuware.iu.edu/