Bullet Journaling for Grad School

The past couple of months have been intense and full of events, programs, and time-fillers. Between conferences, dissertation proposal, and life out of school, I’ve struggled to find a good pace for managing my commitments and keep record of what I’ve actually accomplished. I usually use a planner and Google calendar to organize my life, but I recently learned about bullet journaling specifically for research or grad school on YouTube. It’s simply a notebook journal with pages dedicated to goal-setting, tracking research progress for projects, future planning, to-do lists, done lists, and accounting for time spent doing research tasks (e.g., writing, data analysis, etc.). I picked up a nice journal from a recent trip to D.C. and spent an hour designing and getting started. The satisfaction of crossing off to-do items and seeing my done list grow = pure joy.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 10.07.37 PM