Retaking the GRE

If you’ve taken the GRE and are not completely happy with your scores, should you retake it? This is a very common question that has no one answer to it. There is a lot of variability between disciples and even programs in how much GRE scores factor into admission decisions. Therefore, do your best to determine how important these are at the schools you’re applying to by talking to your mentors, professors, and/or current students in those programs.

When to Retake
If you believe that you have enough time to study and meaningfully improve your scores, then it’s likely a good idea to retake the GRE. However, you also want to keep in mind that programs often consider every aspect of your application. Therefore, consider, if by taking extra time to study for the GRE, if you would be decreasing the quality of other components of your application that are very important such as personal statements.