Social Life in Bloomington

They call New York City (NYC) the city that never sleeps, there is always something to do and/or something open. New York City is my hometown, so when I moved from NYC to Bloomington, Indiana I knew I was in store for a transition.

After I settled into my assistantship and course work, I began to seek out social outings in Bloomington. Back home I went to a lot of poetry events and was searching for that in Bloomington as well. I thought I would have to pause my passion for poetry, but I was able to find a monthly open mic and poetry slam right downtown. This was a monthly event, created by people of color that brought together various communities for communal storytelling. Whether it be a monthly slam, an informal gathering at someone’s home, or a night out at the bar, I always find comfort in these spaces. Graduate students of color take ownership of our experience here at IU and create the communities and bonds we want to be a part of. There is always a gathering happening somewhere with graduate students of color. I am able to engage with different graduate students from different disciplines and full-time professionals in Bloomington. I never knew when I came to IU that I would find a strong community of graduate students of color that would play such an integral role in my social support. Bloomington is no New York City, but I still manage to find spaces that rejuvenate and refresh me.