Graduate School Success: The Importance of Balance

Incoming students often ask me what advice I have for them to be successful in graduate school. One of the most things I tell them is that they need to achieve balance in their schedules. Balance ensures that you are able to get your academic work done but also have adequate and regular time for aspects outside of school that you find meaningful. This is important because otherwise, you will burn out and/or be ill equipt to deal with the many stressors of graduate school. Below I outline 3 tips to help you achieve balance while in graduate school.

1) Make a list of your Values. Having a list of your values will help you determine what you find most important in your life. From here, you can number your values in order of most to least important and then make goals for all of these different aspects.

2) Have Hobbies. Having hobbies is a way for you to spend time doing something outside of academics that brings you joy and allows you to take a break while simultaneously doing something productive and meaningful. Hobbies don’t have to take a lot of time/efforts and can literally be anything you enjoy doing. Some examples include photography, writing, art, exercise, reading, volunteering, cooking, etc.

3) Make a Schedule. Once you’ve determined your values, goals, and hobbies, you can allocate how much time you want to spend on different activities weekly towards each of these. Including these aspects in addition to academics will help ensure that you’re working towards holistic growth throughout your graduate program.