Make Time for Good Habits

Even though this is my 4th year in a doctoral program, I was recently reminded of the importance of self-care. Over the summer, I found myself staying faithful to a good exercise routine and participating in the free cycling course at the SRSC. Once summer came to its inevitable end, my workouts stopped. They did not slow down or gradually decrease, I mean they completely stopped. This was partially due to my schedule and also not wanting to make trips to campus on days that I did not have to be there. However, my main reason for not working out was that I wanted to relax during the little free time I had instead during the first month of the semester. While I possibly saved myself some aches and pains in the moment, I lost all of the benefits that come along with working out regularly. After taking over a month off from the gym, I recently returned and am trying to get into a new rhythm for this semester. Due to scheduling conflicts, I will not be able to have one workout partner this semester, but it looks like I will be able to piece together some sort of routine where I can lift with friends. This extra accountability will hopefully be enough to keep me in the gym now that the semester has settled down. Moral of the story: make time for the gym! Author Michael Altshuler states that, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot.”

Photo by Garrett Carter