Fall is Here!

As you can see from the photo, fall has arrived in Bloomington, Indiana! The IUB campus truly offers some breathtaking views during this time of the year. In this post, I will highlight where I am academically at this point in the semester–Week 11–so that you can get a sense of the workload that you may experience should you attend IU.

I am currently taking three doctoral education courses and the end is in sight for all three. In the past, this has not typically occurred for another week or two, but I am ahead of the game. In my online course, I have already completed my final paper which is not due for another month. I appreciate how, especially in online courses, I can usually tackle end-of-course assignments fairly early. For my in-person courses, I have a final paper that I still need to begin and just a few minor assignments. I am in a great position for the remainder of the semester and will not have to do too much work during Thanksgiving break which is nice! I am also taking advantage of IU’s excellent art scene this semester. This Friday, I am attending the Hansel and Gretel opera. Next weekend, I am attending the Potpourri of the Arts produced by the African American Arts Institute. Overall, this has been a pretty enjoyable and doable fall semester. Enjoy the lighter semesters when they come along because this is not always the case!