When using our GPS systems and taking alternate routes to our destinations, we hear and see “recalculating.” This word does not mean failure or being off course. In my opinion, recalculating means that the course is being tailor-made for you. 🙂

This is what being in a PhD program has felt like for me. There are many paths available for obtaining the degree. However, I’m learning that the most pleasing portion of the journey is having the freedom to enjoy the diversity of the paths.

There are some students who take the standard route to their goals. Then, there are people like me who are totally non-traditional and blazing a new path as the days come. Neither type of student is better than the other. We will all get to our destinations as long as we set our minds on reaching the prize and keep our minds set on that goal.

Therefore, whatever path you decide to take, fellow graduate student, I’d like to encourage you that our journey is a marathon rather than a sprint. Whether your process takes you 1 year or 7 years, enjoy it. Take the time that you need to map out your own tailor-made route to pursuing your passion.