Black History Month Gala in Bloomington

Though Bloomington has a relatively small Black community (~4%), Black History Month is packed with celebratory events both on campus and throughout the city.  These events have provided opportunities for me to interact with community members and engage in intergenerational dialogue outside of campus. Wakanda aside, one of my favorite events this month was the  Annual Black History Month Gala. It was my first time Continue reading

Countdown to 2018: Self-Care Practices for Graduate School in the New Year

The end of each fall semester is bittersweet. Grading is done, courses are complete, and, more often than not, we are burnt out. The new year is just around the corner and resolution ideas are already brewing as we check the pulse of our progress for the year. Self-help writers and experts publish pieces every year about why writing new year resolutions are necessary or planned failures . Wherever you stand on resolutions, the semester-end is usually a clear reminder (or demand) to get back into the regular practice of self-care, self-love, and healing after 16+ weeks of the emotional, physical, and spiritual tax of academic life. As I write this blog, I think about the 50-11-hunnid think pieces about self-care Continue reading

Bullet Journaling for Grad School

The past couple of months have been intense and full of events, programs, and time-fillers. Between conferences, dissertation proposal, and life out of school, I’ve struggled to find a good pace for managing my commitments and keep record of what I’ve actually accomplished. I usually use a planner and Google calendar to organize my life, but I recently learned about bullet journaling specifically for research or grad school on YouTube. It’s simply a notebook journal with pages dedicated to goal-setting, tracking research progress for projects, future planning, to-do lists, done lists, and accounting for time spent doing research tasks (e.g., writing, data analysis, etc.). I picked up a nice journal from a recent trip to D.C. and spent an hour designing and getting started. The satisfaction of crossing off to-do items and seeing my done list grow = pure joy.

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Teaching Support and Career Development for Graduate Students @ IU

Fall 2017_Events (CIRTL)In graduate school, many are us are assigned to teach courses as associate instructors or teaching assistants for the very first time. When I learned that my assistantship included a teaching component, I was both excited and panicked because I had never created a syllabus, designed a lesson plan, or even given a public lecture. Since I knew that a career in academia requires teaching and mentoring, Continue reading