No Day But Today

Tonight, RENT is playing at the Indiana University Auditorium. I have a ticket but decided not to go because I value my health…you see, it rained this evening and temperatures have dropped  below freezing such that walking anywhere means walking on ice. It’s dangerous and taxing to walk outside. However, I’m not letting that stop me from seeing RENT. I’ve rented the DVD from one of the local libraries and I’m watching from home so that I still get the intended message from the musical that “there’s no day but today.” I don’t have tomorrow to relive the opportunities I have today, nor can I be concerned with missed opportunities of yesterday. Therefore, I’m going to make the most of my current situation.

I’d like to encourage you to do the same. Life in Bloomington will throw you curve balls. You won’t expect some of the experiences you’ll have here, both good and bad. However, roll with the punches. Enjoy life and learn from your mistakes. Adjust to the various seasons you’ll experience and go with the flow. People will enter and exit your life. Allow that to happen. It’s for the best. You’ll grow and be stretched in unimaginable ways. Good for you. You’ll be like a tree with vast water source and rich soil: able to grow tall with wide branches and fat leaves to give shade to the saplings growing in the safety of your shadow.

So back to today: LIVE YOUR LIFE!!

A wise person told me that everybody has to die, but, not everyone gets to live.  Live each day like it’s your last. Stop blaming your misfortune on yesterday and LIVE TODAY.

We can’t get back yesterday. All we have is today. Therefore, the following song is dedicated to all of yesterday:

Peace and blessings,



When using our GPS systems and taking alternate routes to our destinations, we hear and see “recalculating.” This word does not mean failure or being off course. In my opinion, recalculating means that the course is being tailor-made for you. 🙂

This is what being in a PhD program has felt like for me. There are many paths available for obtaining the degree. However, I’m learning that the most pleasing portion of the journey is having the freedom to enjoy the diversity of the paths.

There are some students who take the standard route to their goals. Then, there are people like me who are totally non-traditional and blazing a new path as the days come. Neither type of student is better than the other. We will all get to our destinations as long as we set our minds on reaching the prize and keep our minds set on that goal.

Therefore, whatever path you decide to take, fellow graduate student, I’d like to encourage you that our journey is a marathon rather than a sprint. Whether your process takes you 1 year or 7 years, enjoy it. Take the time that you need to map out your own tailor-made route to pursuing your passion.


Cold Brew

Dear Indiana University Bloomington Students,

I know that when we hear the term “cold brew” we think of coffee that has been made with cold water rather than hot water. Cold brewed coffee is generally considered to be sweeter and less acidic than the hot brewed coffee, which is more balanced in acidity and taste. With this in mind, and for the purpose of this blog, I’d like to ask you to consider yourself coffee. The current snowy weather in Bloomington is your process. You’re being cold brewed. Sit in this moment. Allow yourself to feel the chill of the weather. You’re not frozen like an ice cube; rather, you’ve remained in a chilled liquid state for movement. Don’t stop; keep it moving.

A new chapter in the Ph.D. process

I’m officially done with coursework for my Ph.D.! It feels so awesome and weird at the same time to no longer sit in classes throughout the day for lectures. If not for the pressure to complete qualifying exams, research, the prospectus, and the dissertation, I’d think I had already finished my Ph.D. If you’ve completed coursework also, you know how I feel right now. If you’re working to complete coursework, hang in there. You don’t have as long as you think before that time arrives. No matter where we are, let’s celebrate the small victories while moving forward to complete what we’ve started.