Get Involved! Graduate Student Organizations

As an aspiring student affairs professional, if I have not learned anything else in my graduate studies, I have learned that ALL students should have diverse learning experiences that help them grow and develop holistically. Sometimes these experiences happen outside of the classroom in extracurricular activities. This does not only hold true for undergraduate students but for graduate students as well! It is so important to get involved in student organizations.

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A Better You Meets a Better Graduate Student

Wake up. Go to school. Go to work. Go to the library. Go home. Study and write some more. Wake up the next day. Do it all over again. Food? Sleep? Who needs those, right? WRONG! With the scholar grind at an all-time high as a graduate student, it is easy to get so lost in the hustle and bustle that we forget to look out for someone very important: ourselves. No matter how overwhelming the challenges, always keep YOU in the front of your mind. Sometimes, ok most times, this seems impossible to do, but it can be done! How…you ask?

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Scoping Out the Place: Campus Visits and Why They’re So Important

Your graduate school prep checklist includes lots of important things: your application and everything that comes with that territory, funding options, making sure your CV/resume is perfect, tying up loose ends with family back home. All of these are crucial, but one thing that you should be sure to do is visit some campuses! It’s so easy to completely disregard this piece of the GSP (graduate school prep) simply because you’re schedule is packed as you’re finishing up the current programs you’re in, attending and presenting at conferences, and of course, traveling cost money. Despite these things happening all at once, it is in your best interest to visit the campuses of potential programs because a visit could definitely impact your decision to attend or go elsewhere.

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And I’m in Graduate School Because…?

You may be wondering why I chose the title above for this particular blog when those who are reading are not even in graduate school yet. I’m glad you asked! As I have mentioned before, preparing for a graduate program and entering the program are not cakewalks. So, you may be having second thoughts about pursuing it or maybe you’re stuck between two choices: graduate school or entering the workforce. If so, I found this really neat article that may help you decide. Check it out!

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Requesting Letters of Recommendation…the Right Way

When it comes to completing the graduate application process, one of the most important things I learned was to treat each piece of the application as if it is the only component that will determine whether or not I am accepted into a program. Personal statement. Make it the best piece I had ever written. The CV/resume should be without spot or wrinkle, formatted perfectly, as if that alone was my ticket in. Recommendation letters. Wait, do I really have control over these since a faculty member is writing it on my behalf? Of course you do! Continue reading

Academics and Research and…?

A paper due today…read a gazillion pages before class tomorrow…research meeting with a professor the next day…and submit a journal article for publication the day after that. The grad school life. Being a scholar…doing what scholars do. That’s why we’re here, right? We have degrees to earn and changes to make and research to conduct in our respective fields.

Of course all of these things are important. The opportunities we have as graduate students, from working with A-list faculty and exploring our interests to attending conferences and submitting for publications, are amazing. We would be crazy to not take advantage of them. But amidst the academic-mania of classes, articles, writing, and conducting research, we have to create Continue reading

Up close and PERSONAL: Crafting Your Best Personal Statement

It’s that time of year when potential graduate students are diving deep into the graduate admissions process. Application after application…expanding your vocabulary and learning the meaning of every word humanly possible for the GRE…exchanging emails with faculty who will sell you to the committee by saying all of these TRUE, wonderful things about you…pulling together writing samples to show that you can hang with the best of scholars and have something to contribute to the field…updating CVs/resumes with your highest of high honors, publications and service initiatives. And what else? Ah. That personal statement.

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