New year resolutions

It is a new year and we (grad students) make resolutions too! This is my last semester of taking classes, so I am really excited about that. Anyway, here is my list of academic and personal goals for 2011: 1) move to my new office space, 2) engage on a 10k running plan, 3) work no less than 14 hours a day, 4) get more involve with undergraduates organizations, 5) publish at least 2 papers. Some of these goals are more ambitious than others; however, I consider them to be quite simple. It has only been a month since New Year’s celebration and I have already made significant advances on each goal. The key thing is, as Brian said in his post, to celebrate every step because those little victories are the ones that give you the strength to keep moving forward and closer to your ultimate goal.

Winter Break at "sunny" Puerto Rico

This past semester was quite intense and tiresome, so I was really looking forward to getting some time-off to go home for a much needed vacation. I am from Puerto Rico, so going home during the Winter break enables me to escape Bloomington’s cold weather and jump into Caribbean’s sunny and hot winter weather! (or so I thought). My plan was to visit my family and friends, as well as the beaches in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, the entire time I was home, the sun never showed up! Additionally, I spent most of the time working, even though, I did manage to spend some time with my family and friends, sleep 10 hours a day, and eat all those delicious home-cooked meals that I have missed so much.

Anyway, the highlight of my stay at home was being able to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones. Overall, my winter break, although short, was great and a wonderful way to recharge for 2011!!