When Things Don’t Go As Expected

You’re in a deep panic, you just turned in a proposal or a portion of your thesis and the response from your advisor was a simple head shake and a paper full of red markings. You feel like crap, your legs are walking but your movements lack motivation. You think to yourself “Maybe I have enough money in my bank account to buy a one way ticket to some place where Sallie Mae can’t find me if I decided to begin my life a new as a monkey trainer.” You get in your car and begin to drive home, contemplating driving hours back to your hometown to begin your career as the guy who lives in his mom’s basement. You stop at a red light, you notice a man walking crossing a buy street with two McDonald’s bags in his hand and in his other he has managed to use all of his fingers to carry four Happy Meal boxes. Life can be hard, struggle is relative, but always remember you’re pursuing your dream and you haven’t touched the ground in a very long time.

Confidence Through Speaking

If this is how you write papers, and prepare for speaking engagements just put two in the air and laugh.

Conferences and seminar courses are a great way to to meet scholars outside of your discipline and think about you can incorporate other disciplines into your own research. Also depending on the course, you have you have the opportunity to present your own research or create a presentation that incorporates the course readings and how you interpret them according to your research interest. Continue reading

Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card: The Movie

I have never been a fan a libraries…don’t get me wrong, I believe they should exist like traffic lights and a big burly bouncer when a brawl is about to go down, but Landon personally would never step foot in a library if I did not have to.  Thankfully the Indiana University gods bestowed IUCat upon us.  I am almost certain that I have mention IUCat before, books are available to be read online through our university’s online library.  In the event that they are not, you can request the book you’re looking for to be delivered to your own personal carrel.  Carrels are graffiti laced desk within the library that you can reserve during the duration of your academic career at Indiana University.  Whenever you need a book you can have it delivered to your carrel via IUCat or you can have the book delivered to any of the libraries on campus to pick up and use in the safety of your own home, coffee shop, or particular zen study space.

Personal bias aside, the library staff is always available to help you in person or online.  This is what makes visiting the library bearable, you are always guaranteed to receive proper assistance and leave feeling a little more confident about your research (unless you’re researching Cosbynomics).

What Profit?

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I was driving to Bloomington, my normal routine every morning my first semester of graduate school.  Now I know you’re wondering, “Why drive fifty miles back and forth every day?  Why didn’t you move to Bloomington?”  This is when the flashback noise would begin and the water effect would take you and I back to January 2012. Continue reading

The Lotus Festival

Every now and then I find myself thanking or apologizing to my future self.  Eight years ago I visited Bloomington with my seminar group for dinner and the Lotus Festival our freshmen year.  There were so many great performers that evening and I was truly impressed by the ambiance of the city.  Walking around at one point I remember thinking to myself “I would like to live here one day…” Continue reading

You’re Old Now

As you walk around campus today, pass through buildings, and try to figure out the panini line in the IMU, you may have had a weird feeling in the depths of your soul—that’s right you’re officially old and you may want to blame an undergrad or seven hundred for that feeling.  While the undergraduate experience may still be fresh on a few of your minds, for those of us over twenty-five, four years out of college is a light-year in fashion, music, nostalgia (seriously what the heck is a One Direction).  You’re confused, maybe even a little tired because the coffee line is too long, but stay strong comrade, stay strong.

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Now before you go grabbing your cane and lecturing these young bucks about the good old days when MTV played music videos, eating dunkaroos, and long forgotten dance moves courtesy of D4L remember one very important thing; your parents, their parents, and their parent’s parents did the same exact thing to the generation that followed them.  No young person wants to be lectured, but they do want someone who will reach out to them as a mentor and ally.  Your undergraduate experience was transformative to your being and so will Indiana University be for theirs, don’t gripe if they seem apathetic or don’t immediately know how to network.  Don’t judge too harshly; reach out to a few of them especially if they share similar academic and career interests.  Learning is a reciprocal experience where as you provide guidance, the appreciation will come back two fold and hopefully they’ll be able to explain to you who the heck One Direction is.