Acclimating to Grad Life

No matter how long you plan to be here, knowing everything that is available to you can only be beneficial to you in the long-run.  Before I arrived, I asked (the same) recruiters who encouraged me to pick IUB what I should know when I arrive (i.e. such as places to buy cheap apartment stuff, suggestions for late night eateries, or where to go if I actually wanted to study).  After I arrived Continue reading

Professional Conferences

Because of where IU Bloomington is geographically situated, it is usually only a few hours of driving by car or a quick plane ride to where you need to be.  For instance, I had the opportunity of going to the 99th Annual International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Conference in Boston and was able to get heavily subsidized through a scholarship made available for those students that went to this conference.  Networking always scared me, but being put into the situation where professionals are constantly trading business cards, it seemed like 2nd nature after those four days that I was even giving them to a couple of strangers on my plane ride back to Bloomington. Continue reading

City Life at Half the Cost

As someone who lived in one of the most expensive cities (Los Angeles), the difference between what I spent during my undergraduate years at UCLA and IUB was stark.  For example, if you went during an inconvenient time during an inconvenient day to the movies, you may spend $15 (which doesn’t include the timed parking which may or may not be free); of course if you went any other time but matinee, you’ll probably be spending $20 per person.  In Bloomington, I have never spent more than $8 for a movie.

Now the Continue reading

Graduate School? Talk to _____

Indiana University Bloomington (from

There are some who already knew what they were going to do when they started their undergraduate career.  It took me, however, until my senior year.  Many of my fellow classmates were frantically going to job interviews, and I reluctantly went to a few, not knowing what my actual passion was.

It was not until I made a list of what was most important to me that I figured that graduate school should be on the list.  My family and friends always asked me what I wanted to do, and I always said, Continue reading