Academic Area:
Curriculum and Instruction-Science Education, School of Education

Alexandria, Kentucky

Undergraduate Institution:
Northern Kentucky University

Research Interests:
Science teaching and learning, specifically classroom assessment practices that support teacher’s instructional decision-making and students’ agency for their learning. Feminist and relational pedagogies in science teaching. The overarching goal of my research is to support teachers in the enactment of equitable and culturally sensitive teaching practices that reach a diverse study body.

The Best Thing About Being a Graduate Student at IUB:
Because IU is such a large university, there are so many opportunities and resources available to students. The key is to finding what you need to be a successful student is ask, ask, ask! You can find your niche at the university by drawing on the wisdom of faculty, administrative staff, and other students.

Insider tip about living in Bloomington:
On Saturday mornings, go to the Farmer’s Market in the Showers Commons next to the city building on Morton Street. It’s an eclectic mix of local food and entertainment. You can buy locally grown vegetables and pasture-raised meat, eggs, and cheeses from local farmers. You can get a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry from a local vendor, and then listen to local musicians or watch dancers perform. And the market is adjacent to the B-line trail, so when you’re finished shopping, you can take a stroll.

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Do you have kids? Finding childcare and schools in Bloomington

Once I was admitted to IU, there seemed to be an endless list of tasks that needed attending to before my family and I made the physical transition to Bloomington, such as arranging housing, setting up utilities, finding the grocery store and opening a bank account. For me, one of the foremost tasks on my list was arranging for childcare and school for my daughter and son, respectively.

When we moved here, my daughter was only 2 years old. As I quickly learned, finding childcare in Bloomington for an infant or toddler can be a challenge. This is not unlike many cities were infant care is in short supply, but if you have a young child, you should be warned that you will probably end up on several very long lists with other parents who are also looking for care for their young children.  As a result, I ended up looking for alternative sources of care for my daughter. As a grad student I could not afford an in-home nanny, but I was able to find an in-home group care setting for her. To do this, I used the following website to help me with my initial search for reputable, licensed daycare providers: This website allows you to search by zip code and also find out what violations of state regulations, if any, a licensed provider has had in the recent past.

When my daughter turned 3 (and was potty trained), we enrolled her in the local school district’s preschool program called Ready, Set, Grow. She really thrived there. The teachers were terrific, many of which were certified in early childhood education. The program has a curricula that includes academic and social skills development. My daughter not only learned the alphabet, but also built relationships with other children with whom she attends school today.

When we moved here, I also had to enroll my son in elementary school. The local school district, Monroe County Community School Corporation (or MCCSC for short), provides lots of information on their website, including how to register your child in a school: You will need to determine which school covers the neighborhood in which you live using the District Boundary Map and then go to that particular school to enroll your child. Although it depends on who you ask, the public schools in the area are good quality, and I have found the teachers and administrators to be very caring  and interested in the welfare of students.

In sum, if you have children, get started early arranging for their day care. Although Bloomington has many wonderful options, it takes a while to find the right place for them.

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