Ngot H

Academic Area:
Public Affairs, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
With a concentration in Nonprofit Management and International Affairs

Hanoi, Viet Nam

Undergraduate Institution:
Hanoi University

Research Interests:
Development studies

The best thing about being a graduate student at IUB:
Is to be in one of the top schools of academic excellence and cultural diversity.

Insider tip about living in Bloomington:
Throw yourself out there and join in the students’ associations, engage in community activities, do voluntary work after school.

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Community Involvement

For those who interested in providing social services while studying at IU, there are numerous chances for you to do so. Following the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, Bloomington has a total of 1,082 nonprofit organizations (NGOs) in 2001 with a large percentage of arts and culture nonprofits. These NGOs focus mainly on human services and religious development. Living in a vibrant Bloomington community where there is large number of NGOs, the demand for your help and involvement is huge. While nonprofits in Bloomington are actively seeking for your help, IU also has lots of initiatives to connect you with the local community.

Asian Center organizes monthly meeting at the center to connect local organizations with students who wants to become a volunteer/intern for these organizations. Last time when I attended the meeting, there were representatives from the United Way of Monroe County, the Middle Way House, Stone Belt, Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington, Interfaith Winter Shelter. These organizations came to introduce their organizations’ programs and recruit volunteers/ interns to work for their programs. The purpose of the monthly meeting is also to discuss ways you as well as student organization group can reach out to the community. There are various funding options for you and the student groups to do these kinds of activities. Besides, IU Center for Student Leadership Development also has similar programs to enhance the connection between IU students and community organizations.

Getting involved outside of the classroom not only supplements your traditional education, but also helps to prepare you for life after graduation. You certainly will get lots of real-life opportunities while you prove your responsible engagement with the local community in which you live. And very important, you will have lots of fun joining in these community activities :)


Gronbjerg, Kristen  and Tennen, Patricia, Bloomington Nonprofit Dimensions, (2005),

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