Rob M

Academic Area:
Microbiology, College of Arts and Sciences

Newburgh, NY

Undergraduate Institution:
SUNY Binghamton

Research Interests:
Polar development and motility in caulobacter crescentus

The best thing about being a graduate student at IUB is:
The opportunities present in Bloomington to expand your horizons.

Insider tip about living in Bloomington:
If you don’t like noise don’t live by the stadium. Try everything once and meet everyone you can.

Recent Posts

Visits, should i stay or should i go?

So you have started to hear back from your chosen schools. Some said yes, some said no. No worries because you have chosen a variety of good schools, all of which you would gladly continue your education at. Let’s say you have two schools from the same tier that have both sent you an offer. How do you choose? Well if you haven’t visited the campuses yet, now would be the perfect time to go. Every brochure is going to show you the best the area has to offer but sometimes the parts you don’t see can make or break the deal. Depending on your budget and number of choices, you may be looking to make a number of trips. I suggest trying to narrow down your options as much as you can before buying plane tickets. Aim to get down to 2 schools and if you can’t choose between them then visit them both. You can inform the department you are coming or maybe they have an open house. You will either have a structured or unstructured visit. There are pros and cons to both but at the end of the day when you leave the visit you will have a gut feeling of if you could spend the next half of a decade at that school and not only be happy but prosper both academically, professionally and socially.

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