Zelideh M

Academic Area:
Applied Health Science, HPER-School of Health Physical Education and Recreation

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Undergraduate Institution:
Indiana University Bloomington

Research Interests:
The Latino immigrant family quality of life, issues of mental and sexual health in college students

The best thing about being a graduate student at IUB: is the access you have to resources, from the inter-library loan system to a variety of funding sources to support your academic and professional development.

Insider tip about living Bloomington: 
The eclectic food choices around town. There are various international markets
Sahara Street Market, and Saraga Oriental Market), and at least 50 ethnic restaurants, with about 25 of them on 4th street alone; every continent is represented.

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Campus visits are important because…

Photo taken from:  http://www.iub.edu/about/tour/

Photo taken from: http://www.iub.edu/about/tour/

1)   You feel it; yes there is a feel to a campus that you will only get from walking around, tasting the local food, and seeing and visualizing your new living space

2)   Your questions will be answered; On your visit you can talk to grad students, faculty and administrators.

Photo taken from iugradschool.blogspot.com

Photo taken from iugradschool.blogspot.com








3)   It will be home; And that home needs to be conducive to learning, working, and playing.

IU Campus View Apartments Taken from http://www.rps.indiana.edu/campusviewapartments.cfml

IU Campus View Apartments
Taken from www.rps.indiana.edu/campusviewapartments.cfml

However, if for whatever reason you still can’t make the campus visit there is always an alternative. Check out Campus Tours, where you can take thousands of virtual campus tours. 

Happy touring!

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