Ron A

Academic Area:
Public Affairs, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Oxnard, California

Undergraduate Institution:
University of California – Los Angeles

Research Interests:
Intergovernmental Systems Management and Local Government Management

The Best Thing About Being a Graduate Student at IUB:
Knowing that you have a tight-knit community in whatever program you choose is, at least for me, the best thing about being a graduate student at IUB. Additionally, world-class faculty members research and teach at IU where you can network and learn.

Insider tip about living in Bloomington:
One of the best things about living in Bloomington is that you get the feel of the city without being in the city. There are enough different eating establishments that span the global palette within walking distance of IUB. If the outdoors are your passion, there is no shortage of parks, lakes, and hiking trails for you to explore. Finally, if you are fortunate enough to have a car in Bloomington, Indiana’s motto of being the ‘Crossroads of America’ couldn’t be more true. Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville are all within a 4-hour drive of IUB and lots more in between.

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You Still Have Time Outside IU: Volunteering

The great thing about Bloomington is that it is easy to get involved with the community.  Bloomington has the one of the largest non-profits per capita in the nation.  It is actually only the 2nd city, after New York City, to have at least 1 fully-staffed person dedicated to volunteering in the mayor’s office.  Because of that, it was easy, like me for example, to get involved with one of the soup kitchens in the city like the Bloomington Community Kitchen.  The resources of the website and the place made it so easy for me to connect that I was able to help out all throughout summer a couple times a week.

City of Bloomington Volunteer Network

City of Bloomington Volunteer Network

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